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Design and completion – tailored kitchens and interios

interiéry návrhy

Kitchen and interior designs

  • We design kitchens and living rooms as single units
  • We can propose more layout solutions of the overall space
  • We will fine-tune interiors including floors, paints, wallpaper, lighting
  • No furniture style is unknown to us
  • We respect your individual requests
  • Our designs are always connected with our implementation
  • We combine design and practicality to create a perfect whole
  • Thanks to visualization, nothing in the real result can surprise you
výroba nábytku

Tailored furniture manufacture

  • Our designs are feasible and practical
  • We have been manufacturing furniture over 24 years
  • Material selection will be tailored to your financial limits
  • Maximum quality without compromise or cheating
  • We always use the latest materials and technologies
  • Our products are technically precise and complete
  • Endless material possibilities
  • We can face challenges and experiments
interiéry - kompletní realizace

Interiors completion

  • We provide complete interior delivery and implementation
  • Besides our own production, we supply furniture and home accessories from global manufacturers
  • From rough construction to hanging the curtains
  • Survey made by our own technicians
  • Own installation and transport
  • Author supervision and craftwork coordination
  • Possibility of delivering constituent parts

Video demos of  our interiors

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Various interior styles

moderní styl

Modern interiors

  • Complete state-of-the-art tailored interiors
  • We keep up to date with current global trends and technology
  • We use latest materials and ironwork
  • We always provide custom-made interiors (laminate, veneer, solid wood, high gloss)
klasický nábytek

Stylish furniture

  • We manufacture furniture in various styles
  • We supply stylish furniture from global manufactures
  • We provide stylish design and furnishing whole rooms
  • Turnkey renovation of pre-war mansions
rustikální kuchyně

Rural kitchens

  • We design rural kitchens and interiors
  • We unify kitchens with living rooms
  • Top quality custom manufacture
  • Complete delivery of rural style kitchens and interiors
  • Rural furniture for renovations

Individual flat interior rooms

moderní kuchyně


  • We propose more layout solutions
  • We provide completion of kitchens in various designs
  • Endless material and colour possibilities
  • We respect your financial limits
  • We complete living rooms in the same styles and using the same materials as in kitchen
obývací pokoje

Living rooms

  • We propose more layout solutions
  • We complete living rooms in various designs
  • We deliver upholstered furniture from reputable manufacturers
  • We can incorporate audiovisual technology in your furniture
  • We can provide fine-tuning of living rooms together with colours selection, wallpapers, floors and lighting


  • We design and complete tailored bedrooms in different styles
  • We manufacture beds of atypical sizes
  • We manufacture both wooden and upholstered beds
  • We manufacture built-in closets and stand-alone wardrobes
  • We provide fine-tuning of bedrooms including colours, textiles, wallpapers and lighting
kanceláře, domácí pracovny


  • We design home studies or corporate offices in modern style or English style studies
  • We provide quality office chairs and delivery and manufacture tailored office chairs
  • We provide fine-tuning of your study or office including floors, carpets, colours, wallpapers and lighting